Children love coloring. Now kids can print and color pictures from Debi Pearl’s Yell & Tell books while mommy or daddy read to them. The illustrations in the books were hand drawn, making them perfect for coloring pages.
Someday we may publish a full Yell & Tell coloring book. Until then please print out and enjoy these free pages!

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  1. Clara Geerligs says:

    Dear NGJ
    Please tell me if I have to choose one of the picture choices that you give on the contest page for that specific month or can I choose ANY color page from any of the yell&tell books to use for the contests? I’m a little unsure of which color pages we can use for the monthly contests.
    Thank you

  2. Kara Elias says:


    Will there be a contest for the next issue (Jan-Feb)? My kids would love to enter, but we just received the mag today in the mail, and submissions need to be in by Thursday… that’s not really enough time!

    • NGJ Staff says:

      The next contest will be in the November-December 2011 issue of NGJ Magazine.

      To ensure you have plenty of time to send in the artwork, you can always download a PDF of the latest magazine on our website under the Magazine section – http://www.nogreaterjoy.org/magazine. We usually try to post the magazine on the web on the 15th of the month prior to the issue name – so, the November-December issue will be online starting October 15.

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